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Viscera Film Fest Hits Las Vegas! Gambling, Glitz and GORE!

Las Vegas Leg of the 2011 Viscera Film Festival World Tour

Come out to Theatre7 in Vegas. You can enjoy the lineup of Viscera films
listed below. There will be two shows, Friday and Saturday. Hit one or both
but don’t miss it!
The event will be hosted by Dai Green of

Theatre7 Viscera Film Festival Lineup

Friday Night:

_Adventure Girls_ by Dara Jade Moats and Jon Deitcher
_Nursery Crimes_ by Laura Whyte
_Mockingbird_ by Marichelle Daywalt
_Bon Apetit _by Kate Shenton
_Candy_ by Sage Hall
_The Ghost and Us_ by Emily Carmichael
_The Many Doors of Albert Whale_ by Marichelle Daywalt
_Together _by Gigi Romero
_Box_ by Nikki Wall
_7/28/1989_ by Mae Catt
_Gasp_ by Thomai Hatsios
_A Fever and a River_ by Rachael Deacon
_Mary Jane Go Round_ by Ginnetta Corelli
_The Bride _by Ana Almeida
_The Room at the Top of the Stairs_ by Briony Kidd

_Saturday Night:_

_Barbee Butcher _by Sophie Laques
_I’m a Little Teapot_ by Sallie Smith
_Blood Bunny_ by Molly Madfis
_Salome’s Picnic_ by Victoria Waghorn
_Aftershock_ by Lori Bowen
_The Date _by Natasia Schibinger and Jennifer Gigantino
_Switch_ by Melanie Light
_Consumed_ by Lis Fies
_Snow Day, Bloody Snow Day _by Jessica Baxter and Faye Hoerauf
_I was a Tranny Werewolf _by Lola Rock ‘n’ Rolla
_The Key to Annabel Lee_ by Staci Layne Wilson
_Don’t Lose Heart _by Taliesyn Brown and Matt Mitchell
_The Party’s Over_ by Gigi Romero
_12/15/1996_ by Mae Catt
_Doll Parts_ by Karen Lam
_Fantasy_ by Izabel Grondin
_Lip Stick_ by Shannon Lark
_Belated by Valentines Lover_ by Ruby La’Rocca

Check out for more info

And stay tuned to read all about the L.A festivities from John Skipp!

2 responses

  1. david w barbee

    Barbee Butcher? wtf?

    July 30, 2011 at 9:05 pm

  2. NICK

    Ha! I was thinking the same thing Dave when I read that too. I was going to ask you about that.

    July 30, 2011 at 9:33 pm

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