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Metamorphosis Blues by Bruce Taylor

Welcome to the monstrous mind of Mr. Magic Realism

Enter a land of love beasts, intergalactic cowboys, and rock ‘n roll. A land where Sears Catalogs are doorways to insanity and men keep mysterious black boxes. In a playful, quirky style, Bruce Taylor lays out his personal pains alongside his greatest dreams, blurring the line between the real and the fantastic, and showing us what it means to sing the Metamorphosis Blues.

Absurd Encounters: A man discovers Kafka working at the local Starbucks.

Unsettling Truths: Two boys obsessed with horror movies discover the real monsters of the world.

Devilish Greetings: Satan Claus is taking over this Christmas, with a sack full of darkness and misery to share.

Visionary Dreams: A talking panther takes you to the edge of tomorrow.


“A writer of imagination and insight, Bruce Taylor…amazed and intrigues.” -New York Times bestselling author Terry Brooks

“It’s important to realize that Bruce’s stories are not strange; the world is, and he’s separated himself from it in order to show us new realities, with remarkable clarity and insight. I am one of his admirers, and I am not alone.” –Brian Herbert, co-author of the Dune series

“Bruce Taylor’s writing is always unexpected, even extraordinary. He certainly earns his title of ‘Mr. Magic Realism.'” –Kevin J. Anderson, author of the Saga of Seven Suns series

“The specialty of Bruce Taylor is brief, playful, bizarre stories that occupy the mysterious middle ground somewhere between fantasy and the surreal.” –Robert Silverberg, Hugo and Nebula Award-winning author of Dying Inside and Starman’s Quest

“Bruce Taylor has always owned an imagination capable of jarring the most jaded reader into a state of fascination. His tales grab me by the scruff, and I wait in suspense wondering not if he will shake me, but how. Best of all, he cares for his reader more than he cares for himself, and that’s the mark of a true writer.” –Jack Cady, World Fantasy Award-winning author

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One response

  1. Tracy Vanity

    The cover art is incredible. Who designed it?

    July 25, 2011 at 9:24 am

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