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Seattle Brings The Swarm! (5,000 Zombie Walkers To Appear In Rose: The Bizarro Zombie Musical!)

When we started ROSE, our dream was to get the worldwide zombie walk community involved. And Seattle – whose legendary events have made the Guinness Book of World Records – was waaaay up at the top of our list.

So I can’t even tell you how happy we are that the “Red, White and Dead Zombie Walk 2011” has thrown down with ROSE one hundred percent. Ryan Reiter, the hard-rockin’ kickass organizer of both ZomBcon and this event, posted my “Zombie Walk Manifesto” on the Red, White & Dead Facebook page, encouraging everyone to

a)  shoot incredible footage of the event, and

b)  send it to ROSE, for possible inclusion in the film.

Meanwhile, awesome Zombie Field Commander Eric Pope will be leading the hordes in a series of phenomenal “designated kills” along the undead parade route, all of which will be captured for our cameras.

The amazing Esther Chilcutt is leading a small horde of Crypticon volunteers to hand out flyers, telling people where to send their cell phone footage, HD footage, or whatever they take, for inclusion in ROSE.

And director Byron C. Miller and director of photography Paul Morgan will be grabbing astounding footage for not only ROSE, but a new KMFDM video as well! (How’s that for some crazy cross-cultural pollination?)

All in all, this event could not be more phenomenal. And it’s only the beginning of the ROSE/Zombie Walk coalition being formed.

So THANK YOU, SEATTLE!!! Have the best damn zombie-walkin’ time of all time! Can wait to see, and share, the footage that ensues!

Enormous love,



P.S. – Today, we tickled the 25% mark in our $20,000 Kickstarter goal. It’s taken less than two weeks. We are totally gonna do this. SPREAD THE WORD!!!


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  1. Thee Esther Chilcutt thanks you greatly for mentioning her and the Crypticon volunteers, and would also like to add a few more who helped out. The Live Action Role Play group Amtgard: Kingdom of the Northern Lights matched us with volunteers, drove carpools and a special thanks to Danika Risher who came out in a walking cast after breaking her leg, with her daughter and managed to hand out the most fliers.

    July 14, 2011 at 4:08 pm

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