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Out Now: Angel Meat

“Laura Lee Bahr writes masterpiece fiction. Oh my God, we’re witnessing the beginning of a brilliant canon and career. ” – Josh Malerman, author of Bird Box

These nine prime cuts of Angel Meat feed the soul in a collection precisely crafted for connoisseur and newcomer alike. Taste the “Grade A” stick-to-your-ribs psychological horror of “The Liar,” the dark love magic cast by “Rat-Head,” the bold blend of sci-fi and noir in “The Cause,” and the naked truth revealed “In the Desert.”

Laura Lee Bahr’s distinctive flavors linger on the tongue long after the reading’s done. Her transcendent servings of flesh, wings, and heart are yours to savor for years to come.

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Out Now: Cartoons in the Suicide Forest

Leza Cantoral has a new story collection from Bizarro Pulp Press! Get it here!

“Lyrical and perverse, like a prostitute on acid in a poetry slam, this collection of the dark, erotic, and bizarre flirts with the heroin fever dreams of a William Burroughs and the horrific surrealism of Charlee Jacobs.” – Wrath James White, THE RESURRECTIONIST and THE BOOK OF A THOUSAND SINS

The State of Bizarro Report, vol. 1: What is Bizarro?

G. Arthur Brown is putting together a series that defines the history and purpose of Bizarro Fiction, which he will post periodically on his website. This is the first installment of The State of Bizarro Report, which should prove helpful to those looking for an analysis of the Bizarro genre from someone truly immersed in the scene.

A certain other blogger has been making a lot of claims about Bizarro recently, most of which are highly exaggerated or outright falsehoods. In the interest of giving some positive clarity to the matter, as well as some actual history, I’ve decided to put together just a couple of blog posts about it. If any of the information I give here is inaccurate, PLEASE do not hesitate to contact me to correct the info.

That being said… where do we start?

A lot of people start with a seemingly simple question:


That’s a good question, but it’s not a simple question to answer, and that answer is inextricably tied to the origins and development of the Bizarro scene. The most basic attempt to give a guideline (and a guideline is far more important than a dictionary definition here) is this: Bizarro is the literary equivalent of the cult movie section of a local video store. This is a section full of lots of different, off-kilter, and genuinely strange movies by filmmakers like John Waters, David Lynch, Takashi Miike, Alejandro Jodorowsky, Jan Svankmajer, David Cronenberg, Guy Maddin, Lloyd Kaufman, Terry Gilliam, and Yorgos Lanthimos.

That covers a lot of territory and some people find that confusing – everything from surreal art-house to low-budget shock films – but it’s hard to make it any clearer in less than a thousand words of explanation. Recently, when I used that rule of thumb, the person asking responded that this guideline was “uselessly broad.” And I responded, “Well if American Psycho, The Wolf Man, Dead Alive, Jacob’s Ladder, Scream, Shaun of the Dead, Jaws, Videodrome, and Critters are all the same genre, how usefully narrow is that?”

EVERY genre is extremely broad, and until you understand the associated elements and the aesthetic you won’t get it. All Bizarro could be classified in other genres, though not necessarily in a way that’s sensible. Just like one person might argue that American Werewolf in London is a Comedy movie first and a Horror movie second, or that Bone Tomahawk is a Western first and Horror second, Bizarro is one particular metric that overlaps with a lot of other genres. And that metric is WEIRDNESS. If the appeal of something is that it is entertainingly weird, then it is Bizarro. Period. Regardless of whatever other elements are in play from any other genre or style. A lot of Bizarro is trangressive, or surreal, or absurd, or grotesque, or perverse, or incorporates horrific elements, but none of these have ever been required for a book to be considered Bizarro, only weirdness.

Is a category of weird books useful? If you don’t think so, then Bizarro may not be for you. This is a category that didn’t necessarily happen by design – just like Lynch didn’t decide at the outset to be a cult filmmaker – but it is also not something that happened by accident. Bizarro coalesced when a tiny group of writers and small presses noticed there was a growing amount of hard-to-classify underground lit that shared some similarities. There were “Horror” authors whose work was far more weird than scary, and often darkly humorous. There were authors writing with elements of Sci-Fi that focused less on the science and more on the general weirdness of the world it allowed them to create. There were authors doing almost experimental literature that was too low-brow to be taken seriously in the academic scene and used genre elements that ghetto-ized it. And they looked around to more popular authors who were hard-to-classify like Kurt Vonnegut, Tom Robbins, Roald Dahl, or Joe Lansdale, and they decided that not only was there already a genre of weird in existence, but it needed a label so that people who were into weird stuff could find it more easily.

So three presses got together and decided to brand their releases as Bizarro. It was extremely small at first, mainly limited to authors already involved with Eraserhead, Raw Dog Screaming, or the now defunct Afterbirth Books. This was 2005, when “Bizarro” was picked as the genre tag for all these previously misclassified books. Those first Bizarro authors had already been writing Bizarro since the early 2000s or even the 90s, but they’d never had a name for it. They’d never had a convenient way to communicate to readers what their stuff was all about. Bizarro, as a label, changed that.

Now, for a lot of authors whose work doesn’t fit into traditional genres, Bizarro provides a haven and an opportunity to reach an audience that they may not have known existed before there was a rallying point, a short hand, a brand name. I didn’t set out to write Bizarro. I know that I am not alone. I started out just writing stories that were too weird to get accepted by the Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror, and Lit markets I’d been submitting them to. I was getting rejected because I was submitting to the wrong places, not realizing how bizarre my work was by core genre standards. When I found Bizarro, I found the appropriate market for my work. And I was way late in the game compared to progenitors like Carlton Mellick III, Kevin L. Donihe, John Edward Lawson, D. Harlan Wilson, or Gina Ranalli. But I came to Bizarro the same way they did: seeking an outlet for a voice too weird to make it in other markets. If I hadn’t found Bizarro, I might have eventually given up on ever getting published. You can only take so many rejections before you feel like your work must suck. And it’s very hard to tell, especially with form rejections, if the problem is the quality of your work or that you aren’t writing what the markets are looking for. If no other market is looking for your work, YOU are probably Bizarro.

Now, when I first heard of Bizarro and started to look into what it was about circa 2009, I was immediately skeptical. I looked around and got the impression that it was the paperback equivalent of Troma films and IN-YOU-FACE Gwar videos dripping with green hog semen. But this was not accurate. There were those books, don’t get me wrong, and I’m not shitting on authors who write those kinds of books, but at the time it seemed to me that my weird was different from their weird.

I started to explore some Bizarro books and I was pleasantly blown away. The genre was incredibly diverse, and even titles that screamed GONZO SLIME EXPLOITATION were actually books that defied my expectations. There was something going on in this scene much deeper than superficial shock humor. There was an undercurrent of weirdness that ran through this material, from one end of the spectrum to the other. There were weird children’s books and weird romances. There were incredibly well written books with cuss words in the title. It was hard for me to process. But once I got it, I had found my home.

From the time I got involved in Bizarro in 2012, the scene has only grown more diverse, more vibrant, and more creative. If anyone tells you anything else they are selling something. There are still plenty of shockingly extreme titles to choose from, as well as fabulously weird magical realism, weird noir, pop culture absurdity, high-brow strangeness, and even absurd Bizarro erotica that you can’t imagine anyone jilling off to. There are so many flavors of weird here, I can hardly believe it.

And in closing the section, I’d like to visually list just a few TOTALLY BODACIOUS AND RADICALLY IN YOUR FACE TITLES that came out in the last five years, showing definitively that the Bizarro scene is not dead, oh no it’s not.

Out Now: Exercise Bike

There is something wrong with Tori Manetti’s new exercise bike. It is made from flesh and bone. It eats and breathes and poops. It was once a billionaire named Darren Oscarson who underwent years of cosmetic surgery to be transformed into a human exercise bike so that he could live out his deepest sexual fantasy. Now Tori is forced to ride him, use him as a normal piece of exercise equipment, no matter how grotesque his appearance.

Set in a health food dystopia, “Exerice Bike” is an absurd horror tale of domination and submission, power and obedience, desire and desperation, from Wonderland Book Award winner Carlton Mellick III

Get your copy at Amazon

Action Figures Fucking Calendar 2017

It’s almost January, which means you need a fucking calendar. And Vince Kramer has just the product to fill your needs. Behold, the infamous ACTION FIGURES FUCKING CALENDAR.

Action Figures Fucking ALL YEAR LONG. 12 pages of hot sex scenes featuring some of your favorite characters from movies and television. Use your calendar to remember important holidays (like “Grab Her By the Pussy Day”, and “Christmas”), while being entertained by a professional, full-color photo of action figures getting it on. You’ll never be able to look at August again without thinking about Luke Skywalker sticking his dick in Jabba the Hutt’s mouth, or October without Mulder sexually harassing Scully in the work place. And just how long IS Jar Jar Binks’ tongue anyway? Can it go straight in a pussy? Find out in January, by buying a 2017 Action Figures Fucking calendar and putting it on the wall.


More info on how to purchase your own perverted day planner can be found over on Vince’s website. Get yours while supplies last!

Flash Fiction Friday: My World-Famous Christmastime Eggnog

Editor’s note: In honor of the season and as a public service, we are departing from FFF’s usual narrative format to bring you this important eggnog recipe.

by Frank Edler

It’s Christmastime again. A time of joy, love, warmth, giving and all that nonsense. What Christmastime really is all about is that it’s about time I share my world famous Christmastime eggnog recipe with you all. No, it’s not a old family concoction passed down from generation to generation and across oceans and time. Instead, this is a recipe I have been perfecting for over four decades, tweaking it as the years pass by. Adding some of this, taking away a dash of that and honing it into the decadent, unforgettable Christmastime drink that it is today. It’s just so good that I can’t not share it with the world. So here we go!

You will need:

  • 36 eggs, yolks separated
  • One pitcher of milk, direct from the cow
  • One pitcher of heavy cream, store bought
  • One of those giant bags of white processed sugar from a bakery supply store
  • Bourbon, barrell and all
  • Rum, lots of rum
  • Nutmeg (Meg Ryan can be substituted)
  • Christmas Cheer
  • A sprig of mistletoe

To Prepare My World Christmastime Famous Eggnog:

1) Milk the cow. This is essential. The fresh, unpasteurized, non-homogenized milk is the cornerstone of my world famous Christmastime eggnog. If you go with store bought you may was well just stop right here and pick up a pint of that pre-made garbage. Don’t be a loser, it’s Christmastime!

2) Separate three dozen eggs, reserve both yolks and whites in separate bowls. Once all eggs are divided, scoop out three yolks by hand and attempt to juggle them.

3) I’m not kidding, do that.

4) Ha! Fool! You’ve got egg yolk all over the place don’t you? A mess already! Duh, even if you are a professional juggler you can’t juggle yolks. Everybody knows this, it’s scientifically impossible. And let’s face it, baking is science so consider yourself WOKE! Leave the mess where it is and don’t wash your hands and let’s move on.

5) Okay, now you’re going to need to get a beater or whisk or you can just use your index finger. Take the bowl of egg whites and beat them into soft peaks.** I don’t really know what that means but I’ve seen it in almost every recipe that asks you to use egg whites. I mean, what else could you really do with egg whites anyway? Like make a egg white omelette I suppose but you’re certainly not the type of cretin that would eat an egg white omelette if you’re making my world famous Christmastime eggnog. So, just go ahead and make whatever you interpret soft peaks to be, because I sure as shit don’t know. We’ll maybe make crafts with that later so set it aside and move to the next step.

6) Oh! I almost forgot. Quick, get a plain drinking glass. Alright, now take like 5 egg yolks and put them in the glass. Oh, just do it! No more juggling, I promise. Cool, now CHUG THAT SHIT! Fuck yeah, just like Rocky! Bad ass!*

7) Now you’re going to want to take however many egg yolks are left (I lost count, if you’ve kept track in your head to this point you’re a friggin’ dork) and add them to the biggest bowl you have in your house. Open the ridiculously large bag of sugar and add just enough to fill the bowl to the rim.

8) Ever make meatloaf? Good, get in there with your hands and combine the sugar and yolks. You’re going to make another mess obviously but that’s only because you’re a dumbass. Who the hell would add that much sugar to anything. You will rot your teeth out for sure. So don’t worry about all the sugar falling out all over the counter, that’s on you pal and you don’t need it anyway. Glutton.

9) DON’T WASH YOUR HANDS! I know your hands are like human sandpaper now with the yolk/sugar mixture forming a 25-grit coating up to your wrists, but we’re going to have to power through these next few parts.

10) Now, the fun part. The bourbon barrel. No! Wait! The rum first! Pour yourself a shot, toast to some insignificant bullshit and down that puppy. There, don’t you feel less irritated about this recipe for my world famous Christmastime eggnog now?

11) The bourbon, for real now. Pop the top off the barrel. Be decadent. Lick some out like you’re a cat. When finished, pour all that egg and sugar in there. Get a mop or something and stir that up real good.

12) So now, what you have is just nog. Yes, I know there is egg in it but really what you need to do is thicken up that bitch. Only then will you have a true, world famous Christmastime egg nog. What you’re going to want to do here is take that store-bought heavy cream and pour it on in there. The store bought stuff is actually so processed it has the comparative consistency of wall spackle. Continue to stir with mop until thick. When the mop handle stands upright on its own, you have reached desired thickness.

13) Take another shot of Rum. You’re gonna need it.

14) Ladle out equal parts egg nog in the fanciest, most festive, gaudy Christmas themed eggnog glasses you can muster.

15) Grate a little nutmeg (or Meg Ryan) over the top. Garnish with mistletoe. I know it’s poisonous but it’s Christmastime, god damnit, where’s your holiday spirit?!

16) One more shot of rum. You’re really, really going to need it!

17) Serve and enjoy.

Merry Christmastime Everybody!

*Puke if necessary.

**I nearly forgot the soft peaks! After you’ve finished my world famous Christmastime eggnog and the wave of nausea and/or agita and/or diarrhea has passed, do something with those soft peaks. Wouldn’t want them to go to waste. You can use them as a facial cream, you could do some papier-mâché or perhaps use them as paint on canvass. Seriously, I have no clue what the hell you do with soft peaks. Let me know what you come up with!


Frank Edler may have been drinking when he wrote this recipe. He wants everyone to know he dated Mrs. Claus before she ever met that fucking dick. He was her first, and Santa just has to live with that shit. Listen to him talk bizarro fiction on Bizzong! The Bizarre and Weird Fiction Podcast. He wrote Death Gets a Book, and you didn’t.


See your name up in pixels! Submit your bizarro flash fiction to


Jeff Burk is the author of several bizarro books, the head-editor of Deadite Press, the host of the Jeff Attacks Podcast, and watcher of too many movies.

It’s that time again – my favorite movies of 2016!

Want to see what I liked in previous years? Check out these links:


I said last year was an amazing year for movies but this year was even better and narrowing down to a top ten was even harder! We really seem to be entering a wonderful period of original genre films. No matter your taste or style preference, there had to be something this year that really got you off.

It seemed that much of the genre discussion this year focused on big budget sequels, remakes, and adaptations. But while the latest Marvel and STAR WARS flicks dominated the box office there was a ton of great original work in horror, sci-fi, fantasy, and just straight-up weirdo shit. There was so much great work that my list for this year’s top ten initially had around 30 movies on it (I keep track of every new movie I see and enjoy in some way).

Now I know there’s a lot of you wondering why I thought this year was so good. Mass release films were shit. If you only went to the multiplex I understand why you’d think this year was lackluster—but, holy shit, did VOD kill. For good or bad, the role that indie theaters use to fill is slowly being taken over by VOD. Personally, I think it’s a great thing as it seems to me that every year more and more adventurous releases come out and this year knocked it out of the park in ways I did not anticipate.

At this point in time, if you have an internet connection and complain that there’s no new good shit coming out—you’re straight-up not looking.

Every year there is some debate in the comments on how I come up with my list, in particular the question of how I determine release dates. Most movies it’s easy to pinpoint the year they were released it but sometimes there’s releases that have festival screenings up to a year before the genre audience can see it. If a movie had a limited release last year but the wide wasn’t until this year and that’s how I saw it – I count it. If it had a limited release that I saw but it’s not wide until next year and I saw it – I still count it. It’s not a perfect system but it’s what I got.

With that out of the way, let’s move on to my favorite movies of 2016! Like I said, there was a ton of movies that I liked this year and they couldn’t all be on my top ten. Here’s some that almost made the cut.


Check out those movies. They were all seriously good. But they weren’t my favorites of 2016.

These were.

10: THE ALCHEMIST COOKBOOK (Joel Potrykus, United States)


A man goes into the woods to use science and metaphysics in an attempt to summon dark forces. While that may sound like something you’ve seen/read many times before this movie takes an original spin via the main character’s perspective. Instead of the normal middle/upper class white college student/scientist this story stars a young black man who is a self-taught intellectual from the inner city. How his background comes impacts him throughout the course of the story provides a fresh and unique perspective on a genre-theme stable.

This will have you guessing until the end at what’s really going on. When it gets to the climax and everything comes together, oh man, does it pay off good.

I also want to give a shout-out to the wonderfully atmospheric and desolate directing. Absolutely fantastic atmospheric horror.

9: HARDCORE HENRY (Ilya Naishuller, Russia/United States)


This is just pure non-stop over the top action from beginning to end. That it’s filmed in first person perspective via cameras in the main character’s eyeballs and basically happens in real time has earned it a comparison to being a video game on film. That’s kinda accurate but instead of computer generate characters it’s almost all practical effects and stunts done in camera.

The movie opens with Henry, a recently awakened cyborg and the audience’s eyes, dropping 50,000 from floating military compound and it only gets more insane with each passing scene. Wait until you see one of the most memorable and…unorthodox, shall I say without giving some fun away, strangulation scenes ever put to film.

8: THE INVITATION (Karyn Kusama, United States)


A man and his girlfriend are going to a dinner party hosted by his ex-wife and her new husband with some old and new friend in attendance. While they are there the man begins to suspect that something is very wrong.

This is basically a one-set thriller in the tradition of classic Hitchcock films. The brilliant writing and character dialogue will have you constantly on the edge of knowing what’s going on but never really sure.

It’s a slow burn but it’s a goddamn powder keg when it finally goes off.

7: WEINER (Josh Kriegman and Elyse Steinberg, United States)


The best documentary about U.S. politics ever made.

You might remember Anthony Weiner as the politician who got in trouble for accidently posting pictures of his dick on twitter. What you may not remember was that at one point he was predicted to be one of the rising stars in U.S. politics. American is quick to forgive sexual transgressions of politicians and Weiner was ready to run for Mayor of NYC. A film crew was given full fly-on-the-wall access to his campaign and family for his redemption story. And then he got busted again for sending out pictures of his junk and everything in his professional and personal life beings to unravel.

Never before had we seen such an intimate view of campaign politics, how someone’s personal flaws can tear it all apart, and how it affects everyone around him.

6: 10 CLOVERFIELD LANE (Dan Trachtenberg, United States)


After a car wreck a woman wakes to find herself in an underground bunker with two other men. They tell her that they rescued her but she can’t leave due to some sort of “attack” that has made the air outside dangerous. They don’t know what happened but they have ideas—and she’d definitely is not allowed to leave.

This movie is goddamn intense and you’ll have no idea who to trust at any time. All three of the main actors are fantastic with John Goodman having the stand-out role as the shelter builder and the unknown to her and the viewer savior or villain.

Despite the title this movie has nothing to do with the CLOVERFIELD giant monster movie. It seems they are now making some sort of TWILIGHT ZONEish anthology series and if future installments will be of this level of quality I am all in.

5: TRAIN TO BUSAN (Yeon Sang-ho, South Korea)


I don’t give a fuck how sick of zombie movies you are—you need to see this!

A train is going from Seoul, South Korea to Busan, South Korea. Shortly after they leave the station the zombie apocalypse happens. The entire movie is about their journey. I know you think you’ve seen this before but you really haven’t. What this movie lacks in original concepts it makes up by doing every other aspect better than any zombie movie that has come before. The attack scenes are among the craziest and most intense zombie scenes ever put to film. The effects are amazing. The plot is brilliant. And, most amazingly, the characters are real, deep, and you will care about them.

In a subgenre that we all want to go away this movie does the unthinkable—it shows us everything we’ve seen before in a brand new way.

4: HIGH-RISE (Ben Wheatley, Britain) 


I’m not really a fan of director Ben Wheatley or the novels of J.G. Ballard but this combination of the unique styles just really worked for me.

In the 1970’s a rich man moves into a high rise apartment building in which the floors are divided by class (poor on the bottom, rich on the top). The building is completely self-contained with everything a person could want. But one day, for no reason, nobody living there can bring themselves to leave and nobody who doesn’t live there can bring themselves to enter. With no food or maintenance coming in the building it all quickly falls into bizarre anarchy.

This film reminded me so much of classic 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s high-concept surrealism. Fuck, the plot is basically an update of Buñuel’s THE EXTERMINATING ANGEL. You don’t see too many movies like that anymore so it’s so great to see this.

3: THE AUTOPSY OF JANE DOE (André Øvredal, United States)


The sophomore film from the director of TROLLHUNTER couldn’t be more different than his first. Instead of a found footage creature feature we have a beautifully shot horror mystery. It starts with a bizarre crime scene and a mysterious body—the Jane Doe of the title. The entire movie revolves around the autopsy of the unidentified victim and the impossible things the medical examiners find.

With each strange thing they find you’ll become more and more sucked into the bizarre plot and then when the movie reveals what it’s all about I guarantee you’ll get a few shock and shivers.

It’s creepy but it’s not a slow burn. It’s graphic but it’s not exploitive—but this movie is about an autopsy after all. There’s jump scares but it’s never cheap. This has everything but never leans too heavily on one aspect of horror. It’s a brilliant mash-up of styles that will keep you constantly on the edge of your seat.

This is the scariest and most fun horror movie of the year.

After these two extremely different but amazing horror films, I can hardly wait to see what Øvredal does next.

2: BASKIN (Can Evrenol, Turkey)


Fuck yeah! This is the hardcore horror flick of the year!

The plot is about a bunch of cops who get sucked into Hell and…well, that’s really it. But this movie isn’t about an intricate and complex plot, this is about placing a group of characters in an insanely surreal and nightmarish scenario and watching how they do or do not deal with it.

And holy shit is this nightmarish!

Remember those scenes from Hell in EVENT HORIZON? That’s what the last hour of this movie is like. Just one weird and strange moment of torture, gore, and perversion after another—the bestiality scene is amazingly creative and horrific. I just wanted to warn you that this movie doesn’t hold back.

This may just sound like dumb torture porn but it’s anything but dumb. The acting, directing, set-design, dialogue, special effects—everything is incredibly well-done and made by people at the top of the horror filmmaking craft. This is the most beautiful and effective journey into Hell since HELLBOUND: HELLRAISER 2.

This movie isn’t for everyone but if you’re a sicko like me you’re gonna love it!

1: GREEN ROOM (Jeremy Saulnier, United States)


The best punks versus Nazis movie ever made!

A punk band on tour in the Pacific NW plays at a Nazi skinhead bar and witnesses something terrible. Trapped in the back of the club, the band must do everything they can to survive and get out while the Nazi skins do everything they can to kill them.

This is seriously one of the most intense movies I’ve ever seen. This is not an adrenalin action flick—this is a dark and violent cat and mouse game with each side doing everything they can to outwit the other. But when it gets violent—holy shit! This isn’t like most movies were the blood splatters and you cheer. In this when people get hurt they suffer and you see in all in very graphic detail. I wouldn’t really call it gory but when it gets violent it doesn’t flinch from showing the ugliness of real world violence.

And I’ve got to give mention to the two stand-out acting roles of all the movies I saw this year. Patrick Stewart plays a rare villain role as the Nazi leader that is just wonderfully refined evil. Plus Anton Yelchin stars as the lead singer of the punk band in one of his last roles before his untimely death. His character bounces back a forth between tough-ass punk singer to scared as shit victim and his performance is fantastically vulnerable and even touching at points.

Fun Fact: Broken River Books head-editor and bizarro/crime author J. David Osbourne has a cameo in the crowd during the mosh-pit scene as a skin. Lazy Fascist Press head-editor and bizarro/fish fiction author Cameron Pierce filmed a scene as a skin in Stewart’s gang but the scene was apparently cut.


KONG: SKULL ISLAND (Jordan Vogt-Roberts, United States)

I’m a devoted fan of giant monster movies and I’m a huge fan of the KING KONG franchise. This one looks absolutely amazing.

So that’s my list for 2016. Agree? Think I’m full of shit? Let me know in the comments.