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Halloween Chaos Countdown: Your Weekend 6 Halloween Song Playlist With a Bizarro Photoblast Accompaniment!

Behold! A collection of horror songs to help you while doing something spooky and debaucherous during your first weekend of October!



ghost next to me

Do you have any favorite spooky songs? Please share them so I can add them to my ever expanding Halloween youtube mix and future Chaos Countdown posts.

Twisted Tuesday: Society (1989)

Society (1)

An 80’s dude with a mullet feels like there is something really off about his family…his sister and parents are acting strange and no matter what he does, even being the quarterback of the football team and winning a high school debate, doesn’t impress them. Then he realizes his feelings are validated when he hears a strange recording from a friend. That’s when the setup of the first half of the movie ends up getting truly bizarre and the finale…well you just have to see it for yourself if you haven’t already. There is truly no ending like it in the history of cinema.


A true classic that reflects how the rich feeds off the poor through ooze, sex, and tons of stretchy, flesh-colored latex, Society is a great film that belongs on your Bizarro movie shelf. You can watch it in its entirety here:

Halloween Chaos Countdown: Bizarro Spooky Short Video Festival


6 creepy videos from the Bizarro part of youtube!

I love Pyramid Head! This video is sexy.

WTF is that?

Clip from Reincarnation. One of the creepiest dolls ever.

You can never go wrong with Shaye Saint John.

Produced by  Guillermo del Toro, this is a beautiful short very reminiscent of Pan’s Labyrinth since it’s also about how a little girl’s imagination turns very dark…

Post-apocalyptic short animation about mutated limbs who have to work together.

Bonus: Excellent sci-fi hell comic by Dylan Spencer!

2 days until Halloween!

Halloween Chaos Countdown: Bizarro Youtube Party

18 Days Until Halloween!

creepy vintagge eye tv

One of my favorite ways to interact with people online is to exchange weird youtube videos with them. It’s like a bizarre online mating dance, especially when they post something really twisted you’ve never seen before that totally speaks to you. Youtube partying with someone is showing someone a window into your mind and looking into theirs, and being like “wow they are just as fucked up as I am!” It’s comforting and sexy. I love twisted minds with twisted tastes!


I’ll post 12 videos to get the Bizarro youtube party started. Feel free to post some links to weird videos you like in the comments! Show me how twisted you are!

twisted mind

Someone made a toy doll version of The Human Centipede and shows you how to make one too:

It would also be a good costume:


One of those found footage, Blair Witch-type shorts, “No Through Road” was a video found in car with 4 dead 17-year-old boys.

And now for the weather:

Nothing puts me in the Halloween spirit like SKELETONS! Especially vintage ones!

Slenderman has some competition. Meet Mr. Welldone:

OMG Everything is Terrible made a dog version of The Holy Mountain!


Someone made a surreal video for “Fear of the Future” by The Residents. The results are mind-blowing!

A robot head dancing to Mambo No. 5

Animatronic Hitler head singing “Snails IS People Too”

I can’t make a Halloween countdown youtube post without posting a Fewdio video. One of the best horror short movie makers on youtube! The story lines are always original and creepy. This is a great one about a Vaudeville couple and a ventriloquist dummy.

Great stop-motion tribute to David Firth.

Another great youtube account is MrCreepyPasta who narrates some of the best creepypasta stories.

Big thank you to Joe Holliday for sharing some of his youtube porn collection with me! Now post your creepy youtube porn in the comments!


Halloween Chaos Countdown: alantutorial

Need some life tips on how to do things like how to eat a bag of chips or escape a dark room and find light? Sound too easy? Well imagine the “tutor” being a faceless guy with a high-pitched voice, a shitload of anxiety, and some classic youtube weirdness.

Welcome to alantutorial‘s youtube. Here are my 3 favorite tutorials:

Hope that helps!


The Greatest Public Access Show Ever

Ever wonder what Cthulhu does while the stars aren’t right? Here’s your answer….

Twisted Tuesdays: Gumbyman’s Youtube Descent into Madness

by Tracy Vanity

Picture 1

The following is a 1:40:12 second video of a man, who calls himself “TheNewStoryteller,” sitting in a room reading Thomas the Tank Engine and Tug books, while dressed in a Gumby costume. The best part of this video is the audio.

It’s impossible to understand a word he’s saying because he’s speaking in this weird, indiscernible, deep, Buffalo Bill voice the entire duration of the video. It’s one of the most horrifyingly hypnotic youtube videos I’ve ever seen in my life.

The sounds he makes of the trains chugging…I burst into hysterical laughter every time he does that. Although I haven’t sat and watched the entire video, I find myself going back to it from time to time and just allowing Gumby’s voice to play in the background. I’m listening to Gumby read as I type this post…

But the story doesn’t end there. If you look at TheNewStoryteller’s youtube page, you will know the true meaning of madness. Not only does he currently have 2,068 videos dedicated to Thomas the Tank Engine, but most of the videos are over an hour long. Some are even over 4 hours long!

In his earlier videos, TheNewStoryTeller spoke in a relatively normal voice and seemed to just be a Thomas the Tank Engine enthusiast but the videos started getting longer and uploaded more frequently and his voice morphed into that unsettling muffling sound.

As if Thomas wasn’t creepy enough on his own, I will never view him the same ever again. And I teach kindergarten so I have to see that smug, creepy train face every day since he has embedded his fascist totalitarian agenda into the minds of my students.

If you have a lot of time to creep yourself out, browse through TheNewStoryteller’s youtube page. I am now a subscriber/cult member.

Bonus material:
Ok, I’m spending way too much time googling Thomas the Tank Engine, but I came across this unsettling little post from a parent whose kid started screaming when he saw an episode of the show, the real one not the Gumby version:

“We bought him the DVD thinking he would love it. We read the Thomas books and he never has a problem with them. The second he sees them in motion though, it’s like all the secrets of hell have been revealed to him. He starts shaking his head in disbelief shouting “No! No! No!” He slowly backs up and startles at their every move on screen, then he runs out of the room in a panic.”



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