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David Lynch to open Club Silencio in Paris

If you’ve watched Mullholland Drive, you’ll remember that gorgeous theater reminiscent of the Black Lodge in Lynch’s Twin Peaks series.

Now, you will have a chance to actually go there because according to this article from the Guardian, Club Silencio is set to open in Paris this September.

Hailed by critics as one of Lynch’s finest films, Mulholland Drive charts the adventures of a young Hollywood starlet and an amnesiac femme fatale. Their journey leads them behind the red velvet drapes at “Club Silencio”, where they are assured that a multitude of mysteries – the significance of the blue key, the whereabouts of Aunt Ruth – will be explained.

Based on the Rue Montmartre, the true-life Club Silencio will reportedly include a concert hall, restaurant, library and cinema. Visitors will presumably be advised to avoid the dumpster out the back, where it is rumoured that a hobo lies in wait.

Nazi Bangkok

By Tracy Vanity People here in Thailand tend to view Hitler as a Darth Vader-like symbol of rebellion. Evil; but in a fun, punk-rock way. Thais happily sport Nazi imagery alongside images of Che Guevara and Doraemon without irony. The rock band “SLUR” even dressed up in Führer-regalia for their video simply called “Hitler.” It doesn’t hurt that most of the planet’s people — Buddhists and Hindus — consider the swastika an auspicious emblem of the elephant-headed Ganesha. And there’s little comprehension of the Holocaust or most Western sentiments toward the Third Reich. As a result, one frequently spots Nazi-iconography-as-fashion here, mostly in the form of t-shirts and other merchandise sold at various outdoor markets around Bangkok:

8-bit Führer for sale

. hitler121210005-1

Hitler with a Western pop culture twist

. hitler2


A Japanese tourist sports a pink Hitler shirt

. hitler1-1

Nazi stickers on the ferry ride home.


Pop art Hitler is bigger than Warhol.


Rubber Hitler masks are available year round.

hitlermask-1 (1)

A chimpanzee hocks some Hitler faces at the gas station

. hitler

The Hitler wax sculpture at LOUIS Tussaud’s wax museum in Pattaya, Thailand is as popular as Obama.


And my personal favorite, the Swastikar.



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