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Twisted Tuesdays: A Tour Through Wat Saen Suk (Hell Garden)

Buddhist Hell is a real place and you can visit several of them throughout Thailand. In a previous post, I took you through a Buddhist hell I stumbled across randomly while on a road trip in Khon Kaen. These hells are within Buddhist temples and are a reminder of what happens if you are a bad Buddhist. Every torturous scene depicts the hell that awaits you if you commit a certain sin. It’s so much fun!

I’ve been dying to visit more hells and hadn’t had the chance. So this week while on vacation, I decided to finally cross another hell off my list, hop on a bus, and travel to Chonburi province, a little over an hour away from Bangkok, to visit the  Wat Saen Suk (Hell Garden.) It did not disappoint. It was an amazing gruesome giant art installation plopped in a nice, quiet Thai residential area.

It was hot as hell and I noticed there weren’t any taxis for miles, so I made sure the motorcycle taxi I rode on stayed put as I ran through the gates to snap pictures of purgatory.



Bizarro News Roundup!

Charles Manson love


thai bumfights

“Free sessions are held twice a week at Aima maternity hospital in Shandong province and about 100 men have signed up to be tortured. Most are expectant dads but there are thrill seekers too among the volunteers for ‘taster sessions.'”

  • Speaking of signing up to be tortured, the McKamey Manor is still continuing their extreme haunt experience past Halloween. Russ keeps saying he is toning shit down but this last video is creepier than the ones in the last post. Two tough guys dressed as the Super Mario Bros end  up throwing up and crying after 20 minutes! Also note the reference to Vegas. Russ live streams the haunts to unknown people in Vegas! You really need to watch this:

And just in case you haven’t been on the internet in the past month:

Until next time Bizarros!

Twisted Tuesdays, Halloween Chaos Countdown Edition: Vegetarian Festival in Phuket, Thailand

16 days until Halloween!

Yesterday was the last day of the vegetarian festival here in Thailand. The festival is lunar and is always around this time of year. It lasts ten days and the first and last day is celebrated with a parade and party with lots of deliciously fattening vegan Thai food available nation-wide. Devote followers of this particular brand of Buddhism and Hinduism are vegan for ten days for good luck and karma.

Super devote followers, typically Thai-Chinese men, end the last day of their “purification” by extreme body mutilation, especially through their cheeks, during a trance-like, supernatural state. Some also walk up a ladder of knives, submerse in hot oil, and walk through fire to prove their purity and show that they have reached the plane beyond normal human pain tolerance to the realm of spirituality.

In the island of Phuket, in the Southern part of Thailand, this celebration is the most intense. With a celebration around most of the city with people throwing fire crackers at each other, swinging swords, and playing hypnotic percussion instruments, the celebration gets very intense and it’s near impossible not to get caught up in the supernatural aspects of this festival.

I have not been to Phuket yet but have celebrated the festival in Bangkok where things are much less intense. At the Hindu temple here, the priest skewers his cheek with a thin sword and throws red spice in your eyes:

Indian spice

But in Phuket it’s a whole different story:









All photos were taken this year and last. Courtesy of  via International Business Times & Reuters.

World Horror Cinema: Thailand

By Sam Reeve

shutter poster Title: Shutter

Year: 2004

Language: Thai

My rating: 7/10

Not to be confused with the bad American remake, Shutter is a great Thai horror with plenty of creepiness to go around. Like many Asian horror films, it features a female ghost with long black hair who haunts the shit out of a bunch of people and crawls around on all fours. Besides this staple, Shutter is a fresh plate of horror with some surprises and a good cast.

Tun, a photographer, and his girlfriend Jane are driving home late one night from a wedding party when they run over a girl. Tun insists on speeding off despite Jane’s wishes. It doesn’t take long for strange things to start happening after the accident, though upon inquiry they discover no one was taken to the hospital that night. Spirit-like marks show up on Tun’s photos, and both he and his girlfriend have terrible nightmares. Haunted day and night by what seemed to be a vengeful spirit, Jane starts looking into the spirit photos for clues and uncovers Tun’s dark past and the identity of the ghost.


Shutter is definitely not to be missed. One thing I noticed about the film (and loved) is it only had a single scene that was funny. One little bit of comedic relief, and the rest was just horror and mystery. For the curious, I’ve posted that scene below, because it’s total gold. Below that you’ll find the full movie with English subtitles. Seen Shutter? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Bizarro Breaking News: Thai Superhero Hijacks Bangkok Bus to Save Aliens

posted by Tracy Vanity


via Khaosod Online

A guy armed with a slingshot stole a bus in central Bangkok and lead police on a chase around town all the way to Ayutthaya, the old capital of Bangkok, which is really remarkable considering the traffic here. He must be a superhero!

“After giving chase to the bus, the police eventually managed to stop the hijacked vehicle after the suspect rammed into a parked 18 wheeler in Sanub Tuek district. The suspect was described to be in “insane condition”, shouting incoherently, when the police apprehended him. He was later identified as Mr. Pumarin Paensomboon, 31, a resident of Supanburi province.

Mr. Pumarin told police he hijacked the bus because he is a superhero from another planet and he needed the bus in order to rescue certain extraterrestrial beings, saving the entire world in the process. The man remained in custody.

Mr. Prasit Suk-in, 55, the driver of the commandeered bus, said when he and the bus conductor were parking the bus at Victory Monument, Mr. Pumarin entered the vehicle and shouted everyone to leave the bus. When Mr. Prasit attempted to apprehend Mr. Pumarin, he said, the suspect fired a slingshot at him.

According to Mr. Prasit, Mr. Pumarin also produced what seemed to be a weapon from his bag, so he and others evacuated the bus while Mr. Pumarin drove it away, ramming it into anything in his way.

Despite the destruction Mr. Pumarin left in his wake, no injury nor death was reported to the police. Representative of the Bangkok Mass Transit Authority said it will pay compensation to civilian cars which were damaged by the incident.”

I hope he was still able to save the aliens or whatever drugs he was on wore off and didn’t leave him permanently damaged.

Twisted Tuesdays: (Bizarro Thailand Edition!) The Thai Buddhist Space Cult

by Tracy Vanity, (including pics)


I haven’t made a Bizarro Thailand post in awhile and there’s still a lot of Bizarro things here that you should know about.


During a road trip with some friends to Ayutthaya, the old capital of Thailand, we happened across a huge, sci-fi, space complex very reminiscent of Scientology but with a UFO Buddhist flavor:


As with any road trip in Thailand, you never know what you’re going to run into. I had no idea a Thai Buddhist space cult existed until I ran into it.



The place was empty when we visited but apparently tens of thousands of followers flood the 1,000 acre area during ceremonies and events and more buildings were being constructed to fit more people.


That youtube video does a great job of explaining what Dhammakāya is, especially from an outsider perspective. Here is more information cut & pasted from good ole’ wiki since I seriously have no clue what’s it’s about aside from the fact that their main building is a flying saucer and their symbol is a UFO:


The Dhammakāya Movement is a Buddhist movement founded in Thailand in the 1970s, with roots stretching back much earlier. It is said to be the fastest-growing Buddhist movement in present-day Thailand.[1] It teaches of the reality of a True Self (the Dhammakaya) in all beings, which it equates with Nirvana.

…The Dhammakāya Foundation was founded in 1916 in Thailand by Phramongkolthepmuni, the abbot of Wat Paknam Bhasicharoen. Following the death of Phra Monkolthepmuni, the Foundation’s work was continued by his disciple, Khun Yay Mahā Ratana Upāsikā Chandra Khonnokyoong, a Buddhist mae chi. In 1970, a temple, called Wat Phra Dhammakaya, was constructed as a home for the movement. Located in Khlong Luang, Pathum Thani Province, the temple was intended to become an international center for the study of meditation.
The Dhammakāya Foundation has been subject to its share of controversy. In 1999[10][11] and again in 2002,[12][13] leaders of the organization were accused of charges ranging from fraud and embezzlement to corruption. At that time social critic Sulak Sivaraksa criticized the Dhammakaya Movement for promoting greed by emphasizing donations to the temple as a way to make merit. Widespread negative media coverage a this time was symptomatic of the movement being made the scapegoat for commercial malpractice in the Thai Buddhist temple community[14][15] in the wake of the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis.[16][17]

…The movement has expanded branches to over eighteen countries worldwide and is promoted via a Buddhist satellite network or Dhamma Media Channel (DMC.TV) with a 24 hour-a-day Dharma and meditation teachings broadcast to the audience worldwide.

…Accusations that the Thai Government had financed activities at Wat Phra Dhammakaya were made in a letter by Sulak Sivalaksa on 10 May 2010[21] but the government issued a press release on 12 May to deny the accusations[22]

Seems like Dhammakāya is pretty much the core principles of Buddhism with white clothes, spaceships, and culty grandeur. Pretty cool.


Bizarro Thailand: Body Parts Bakery

by Tracy Vanity

I wanted to visit the body parts bakery for a Halloween post but I couldn’t find where it is. It might not even be open anymore, so instead I’ll just post a video someone else took of it:

The bakery is/was owned by artist Kittiwat Unarrom. His family are bakers and he incorporated his art into the craft. All of those parts are completely edible. I really hope I can track it down because I’d be interested in trying a limb…


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