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Bizarro Brigade

Do you love Bizarro Fiction? Want more of it? Want to be a PART of it?

The Bizarro Brigade is forming, and we’re recruiting ground forces. Here is your first chance to join the army of fans dedicated to spreading the word of bizarro throughout the world. It is the Bizarro Force—-a highly organized unit of the coolest, weirdest, most dedicated fans that the Earth has ever seen. We are mobilizing to bring bizarro to every nook, niche, and corner we can find. We want everyone talking about bizarro fiction, and we want our fans in a place where they can spread the word with ease, excitement, and support.

Why join?

Brigade members have access to all sorts of excellent stuff that the rest of the world does not:

FREE Bizarro Books! Exclusive materials! Community! Recognition! Stickers!!

  • Read bizarro books that we send you for review (for free!)

  • Earn free books!

  • Get books that are Bizarro Brigade exclusives

  • Meet other fans—-online and off—-organize gatherings–invite your favorite local authors

  • Exchange bizarro books through the intra-brigade exchange

  • Participate in online and offline bizarro activities like gatherings, reviewing, tagging parties, promotions, and marketing blitzes

  • Gather points by performing various tasks (like reviewing books on Amazon) for points which can be exchanged for bizarro books of your choice and gain rank (which gets you MORE points)

  • Express your creativity through video reviews, fan art, promotional ideas, and whatever else you can come up with, and earn points for it (free books!)

  • Join the editing specialists and copy-edit brand new bizarro books before they’re published

  • Get special promotional items from bizarro authors—-zines, art, weird stuff

What do we want from you?

Spread the word of Bizarro Fiction– If you love bizarro, here’s a great way to get more of it into the world. By supporting the genre, you will be actively perpetuating it.

We want you to read our books and review them. We want you to tell your friends and co-workers about bizarro fiction. We want you to get together with each other, either online or off, and get to know one another—-talk about your favorite books. We want your time—-time you’d spend thinking about how awesome bizarro is, anyway. If you love bizarro fiction, then you’re already part of it. Joining the Brigade is a way to organize fans, and give you free bizarro for promoting the genre in every way you can. And we want to interact with you. We want to know who you are, what you want, and why you are a fan. We want YOU.

Join Right Now!

Send an email to to sign up. Please include ENLISTMENT in the subject line.

Enlisting gets you membership, and a bizarro book to review. Once you’ve reviewed that book on Amazon, you gain full membership to the Brigade as a grunt and can start earning points for books and rank.




Yes. It’s the best way to keep track of who’s doing what for bizarro, and what they deserve for their efforts.

Yes, points earn you the book of your choice from the Brigade Catalog—-a real, physical copy!

You can get points in many ways, from writing book reviews to dressing up like your favorite CM3 character and spending the day at the subway reading bizarro books aloud and playing the kazoo. Come up with a promo idea, get it approved, and EARN POINTS by doing it.

You’ll receive a points chart upon enlistment, and you’ll know what you can do with what you earn, from books to weird, one-of-a-kind bizarro items like inflatable unicorns, Slavic drug lord pinatas filled with little plastic heads, and special promotional items, zines, and artwork from bizarro authors that no one else is gonna ever have a chance to get their fanatical hands on.

It’s not like you’re not already a part of the army, this is just your chance to be recognized, receive compensation for a job well done, and to spread the word of bizarro so that bizarro may thrive.

Who’s with us?

Find us on facebook, too!

Links to the POINT SYSTEM PAGE and the BRIGADE BIZARRO BOOKS CATALOG can be found in the top bar, under Bizarro Brigade.


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