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Weird Art Month: Brian Despain

By Sam Reeve

I’ve studied, learned, grown and spent a lot of time as a professional artist making a decent living doing art, but in all that time and through all those jobs I’ve learned one all important thing. It was the time I spent, like the kid at the kitchen table, creating art for no other reason than sheer wonder of it all, that I was happiest.

–Brian Despain

Visit his website here to see more of his beautiful artwork.

Weird Art Month: Gwen Murphy

By Sam Reeve

Gwen Murphy has done a huge series she calls “Foot Fetish”, which has little to do with the sexualization of feet, but lots to do with shoes. Seems she used real shoes for these surreal and amusing sculptures, but if she didn’t, it doesn’t matter. They’re awesome! Check out her blog here to see them all.

Weird Art Month: Marcial Coba

By Sam Reeve

Marcial Coba is a young artist from Quito, Ecuador, and possesses a ridiculous amount of patience: his large oil paintings reportedly take months to complete. Check out his full portfolio here.

Weird Art Month: James Quigley – aka Gunsho

By Sam Reeve

James Quigley, born in 1974, is a self-taught artist who started his career at an early age doing album covers, gig posters and zine art for locals. Now he works with skateboard companies to produce insane deck art and t-shirts, and he created the artwork for an Andrew WK music video. Watch it below!

If you like cool prints and comics, I recommend checking out Gunsho’s store.

Weird Art Month: Matt Leines

By Sam Reeve

Strange creatures, geometric shapes, and lots of lines and colour. This is what you’ll find in Matt Leines’ artwork. This talented illustrator was born and raised in Totowa, New Jersey, but has since escaped to Brooklyn. See more of his work here, or check out his Etsy shop to buy cool prints, t-shirts and other fun stuff.

Weird Art Month: Dorian Cleavenger

By Sam Reeve

Whoah! December is almost over and then it’ll be 2014! Bizarro Central has some wonderful stuff in store, so stick around.

Dorian Cleavenger is known for his surreal fantasy paintings that depict hot, albeit often weird-looking ladies. He started out doing freelance work, sometimes for large corporations like Disney and US Steel, but even after moving onto illustrating comics and doing cover art, he still felt he needed to do his own thing. Now he primarily does his own original work and also teaches the Douglas Education Centre in Pennsylvania.

season's greetings

Weird Art Month: Justin Bartlett

By Sam Reeve

I hope everyone is having a very metal Christmas! I’m sitting in my dark house listening to Ulver. ‘Tis the season!

Justin Bartlett’s art is completely appropriate for this blackest of days and I just can’t get enough of it. His style is inspired by that of Nick Blinko of Rudimentary Peni (an equally amazing artist that you should totally check out). Justin has done work for bands like SUNN O))), Gorgoroth, Job For A Cowboy and Earache Records, and has appeared in publications like Vice Magazine and Adbusters Norway. See more of his work here.

Weird Art Month: Adalberto Abbate

By Sam Reeve

Sick of the holidays yet? I instantly regretted leaving my house today. People were assholes, especially on the road. I wanted to find something bloody and awful for today’s post, and Adalberto Abbate’s micro sculptures are perfect: little mini people suffering terribly or killing each other!

Adalberto Abbate was born in Palermo, Italy, where he still resides. His art is quite varied – some is just pictures of girls shoving bananas in their vaginas, some is clever social commentary, and some is the kind of modern art you’d sort of scoff at and say “my kid could do that” – but he’s still a genius and I love him for these micro sculptures. Visit his website to see more.

Weird Art Month: Ed Repka

By Sam Reeve

I always feel compelled to feature super un-Christmasy art on the last few days leading up to the holiday, and Ed Repka’s art fits the bill. Known as the “king of thrash metal art”, he created some of the most iconic metal album covers and merch designs of all time. He’s worked for Megadeth, Toxic Holocaust, Municipal Waste, and Death, just to name a few. Since 2002 Repka has been the head of art direction for the National Entertainment Collectibles Association.

Check out his portfolio here.

Weird Art Month: Adrian Borda

By Sam Reeve

Adrian Borda’s art is kinda of a mixed bag. There’s some beautiful fantasy stuff that’s nice and all, but the real gold is the terrifying and surreal subjects with huge lips à la Jackie Stallone. Seriously, this is what nightmares are made of. Visit Adrian’s website here to see more of his amazing art.

Jackie Stallone

Jackie Stallone

Weird Art Month: Saccstry

By Sam Reeve

Happy winter solstice! From now on the days will only get longer, so thank goodness for that.

Today’s artist, known as Saccstry, specializes in creating terrifying, grotesque and adorable little girls. I’m normally not a huge fan of digital art, but I just can’t look away. If the sample below doesn’t quite satisfy your weird art lust, check out Saccstry’s gallery on Deviantart.

Weird Art Month: Tulsi Maya

By Sam Reeve

Tulsi Maya’s art is some of my most favourite ever. I loved drawing over pictures in magazines as a teenager, turning people into goths or monsters with my trusted Sharpie, but her work is the truly good version of that. Her illustrations and collages are always amazing and you should check out the rest of her work on Tumblr here.

Weird Art Month: Craig LaRotonda

By Sam Reeve

Craig LaRotonda, born and raised in Buffalo, New York, has had quite a successful career so far. His art has appeared in mainstream media like the New York Times, The Washington Post, and even in award-winning movies like Traffic. The influence of the renaissance is unmistakable in Craig’s work, and what helps it stand out from so much of the modern artists. Take a peek at the artwork below, and check out his website here.

Weird Art Month: Ojimbo

By Sam Reeve

Jim Sheely, aka Ojimbo, is a multi-talented artist who not only illustrates and paints, but carves wood! His work often incorporates circus and freak show imagery. To see more from Ojimbo, visit his Flickr page.

Weird Art Month: David Chung

By Sam Reeve

David Chung, affectionately known as The Chung!!, lives in Los Angeles yet works out of some dark, strange corner of the human imagination that the rest of us generally knows to stay away from. His artwork, filled with humor and awkwardness, is a sort of catharsis for the moments of humiliation which inevitably stain all of our lives.

– WWA Gallery

Weird Art Month: Kristofer Porter

By Sam Reeve

So how have you all been handling the year’s blackest month thus far? Since I don’t celebrate xmas and don’t live with anyone, I’ve been handling it rather well, mostly, though I do have to hear the music when I go grocery shopping. Grinchyness aside, it still is the blackest month of the year what with no sun and all. Weird art therapy is what good Doctor Sam prescribes, and if you’ve missed any of this month’s posts you can scroll through all of them by clicking the little blue link below that says “weird art month” or “weird art”.

Today I bring you Kristofer Porter, a California-born illustrator and painter who now resides in Brooklyn. Some of his drawings are so detailed it makes my head swim just thinking about the time he must’ve spent on them. The majority of Porter’s work is strictly black and white, but he’s still a skilled man when he decides to work with colour. If the sample below doesn’t satiate your appetite for the weird, check out his tumblr here.

Weird Art Month: Julie Moon

By Sam Reeve

Toronto-born Julie Moon has exhibited her strange sculptures around the world, but most recently in Philadelphia where she currently resides. Her playful and strange pieces typically feature flowers and elements of the human body.

Visit her website here to see more of her work, or check out her Etsy shop for some unique porcelain jewelery.

Weird Art Month: Jeff Soto

By Sam Reeve

Jeff Soto took graffiti to the next level with his strange creatures and robots. The California-born artist started tagging walls in the late 80′s and formed a graffiti crew with some fellow high schoolers. Fast forward 20 years and Soto has painted murals from New York to Tokyo and has exhibited his work all over the US.

Check out Jeff Soto’s website here for more of his work, or his store to buy cool prints and t-shirts.

Weird Art Month: David Normal

By Sam Reeve

I was going to open this with a real groaner of a joke about David’s last name, but I stopped myself. You’re welcome.

David Normal started his art career at the age of 16 making punk flyers in SanFrancisco. He later got involved with theatre, photography, animation, and even created a large-scale art installation at Burning Man in 2010. Since 2008 his focus has been on painting, a sampling of which is below.

Weird Art Month: Shih Yung Lin

By Sam Reeve

Banana people. Banana people? Banana people!

Shih Yung Lin is a mystery to me because most of the info on him is in Chinese. What you need to know is Lin’s art is amazing and weird and beautiful beyond measure. Visit his Flickr page here to see more of his work.

Weird Art Month: Laurie Lipton

By Sam Reeve

Skeletons and skulls frequently appear in New York-born Laurie Lipton’s work, as does strange machinery and too many circuit boards. Her finely detailed charcoal and pencil drawings have made their rounds in Internetland, so you’ve probably seen her work at some point. They’re strange and beautiful and often haunting.

Check out Lipton’s website here for more of her work.

Weird Art Month: Cahill Wessel

By Sam Reeve

San Francisco Bay artist Cahill Wessel plays around with pop culture in surreal and hilarious ways , giving you everything you’d ever hoped to see. Hover over the pictures (or click through the gallery) to view the titles of each piece – they’re almost as golden as the pieces themselves.

Also on his website are some celebrity collages with accompanying fanfiction. Here’s my favourite:

fanfiction miley“Deep in the jungle that is New York’s Fashion Week, Miley Cyrus showcases her tribal styles for Gotham’s harshest critics. Kanye hid deep inside Miley’s uterus, and a disappointed crowd gasped in horror as he emerged stoned, wet, and lonely.”

See more of his celebrity fanfiction here.

Weird Art Month: Jessica Joslin

By Sam Reeve

When I stumbled upon Jessica Joslin’s work I was not only stunned by its beauty and detail, but by the sheer amount of it. She’s already got over 200 of these sculptures to her name, and her menagerie of brass and bone only keeps growing. She gives new life to both the animal and the antiques from which these sculptures are crafted. In the event a certain animal is endangered or rare, she uses a replica skeleton instead.

I recommend checking out Jessica’s website for more pictures of her work. You won’t regret it.


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